Saturday, November 22, 2008

Om Ganseshay Namah Om Shivay Om Durgay Namah Om Narayanay Namah

of being a Hindu and a Bhartiya

About Swabhimaan

Swabhimaan has been formed in response to injustices heaped upon Hindus by anti-Hindu governments and media. It has been formed in response to the anti-national and anti-Hindu tirade of the pseudo-secularist educated elite found among academicians, politicians and human rights activists.

We Hindus should not forget the loose remarks of the government on the Jammu agitation, which it dismissed it simply as ‘communal forces trying to divide the country’. This remark completely exposed its lack of knowledge of the dispute and again showed how communal our governments are. The media also rallied around this argument. Was fighting for our rights a ‘communal act’? The Amarnath dispute was as much a national issue as a Hindu issue. But the government exposed its lack of national spirit.

Another incident that rattled me was the Jammia encounter in which Shri M.C Sharma died as a hero. As I watched how the ‘secular’ parties fell upon each other to appease Muslims and questioned the police for human rights violation of the Jammia accused and ‘alleged’ terrorists, I tried to listen hard for one voice of concern for the human rights of Shri M.C Sharma and his family members from the pseudo-secularists. When Amars and Arjuns were done with the tamasha of handing a cheque to the bereaved family, an eye on the coming elections made them do a U-turn and they started humiliating the martyr. They were joined by the Mamtas and the Mayawatis in the fray of getting Muslim votes. If there is an answer to how repulsive politics can get in our country, this event showed how much. From a distant observer of political developments and day-to-day happenings, as most of us are, I became an active commentator on daily news. While doing this, I also noticed that many of us are too occupied with our daily lives, read news, but don’t analyze it. Coffee table discussions are more often than not restricted to cricket, business and movies. Then we wonder who will prevent bomb blasts and protect our country from politicians!

Well, it is not only the highly educated who are the culprits, but even those thousands of men and women who I see spending hours listening to devotional songs and stories. Bhakti without Karm is nothing in Hindu dharm. Bhagwan Ram and Bhagwan Krishn could have chosen to do only bhakti, but they didn’t. Their bhakti did not move them away from their Karm. They fought to establish dharm.

Why are Hindus not able to present their opinion strongly and get their justified demands? Whimpers against unjustified minority appeasement and divisive rule are heard when something happens, but then these too die down with time. Why can’t we make these voices consistent and why can’t we make them heard? After decades, or probably centuries, the Jammu agitation showed that when we are together, we can get what we want. But then, how many of us thought of rallies to demonstrate our support for the people of Jammu? Does Amarnath belong only to them, and not to us? When there are bomb blasts in distant Assam, we just dismiss them as another series of blasts. How many of us care to read in detail about the problem is Assam? Is Assam territory not ours and are the tribals who are being persecuted by illegal Bangladeshi immigrants not citizens of our country? Who are we waiting for to get justice for us?

The Jammu agitation was a movement by ordinary Hindus. They won the battle for all of us and their victory was exemplary. Swabhimaan is also a movement launched by ordinary Hindus. It presents itself as a new organization that does not carry the baggage of political parties and ideologies. Its sole purpose is service of the nation and of the Hindu dharm.


Swabhimaan is a non-political organization. It is an association formed by Hindu Bhartiyas, for Hindu Bhartiyas to serve the interests of our country Bharat and Hindus.

The aim of Swabhimaan is to

1. Encourage people to be not just mute spectators of and commentators on issues of national interest

2. Encourage people, especially the young to take interest in politics and policies of Bharat

3. Encourage people to voice their opinion on current issues

4. Impress upon the government what the people think on ‘hot’ topics

5. Encourage people to vote, but after carefully thinking

6. Launch a crusade against pseudo-secularist media by presenting different sides of an issue. News from different channels will be gathered and discussed through newsletters and in meetings.

7. Protest against excesses committed by some Hindus against unarmed people, but at the same time we will demand justice for gruesome acts committed against Hindus and subjugation of Hindus (examples: Godhra, Jammu and Orissa).

8. Debunk myths of Hinduism for which it is criticized.

We present our views on the basis of issues and what we think is best for the country and for our religion, not on the basis of affiliations to any political party or ideology.

Hindus in my understanding also include Jains, Buddhists and tribals of Bharat. We welcome any person from any other religion, particularly Sikhism to join us as long as the person believes in our cause. We cannot forget how the Sikhs Gurus and the Khalsa Panth valiantly fought the barbarism perpetrated by Mughal invaders and the British. Times and methods have changed, but barbarism and injustice have to be fought.

What we want from you

We want you to have the Swabhimaan of being a Bhartiya and of being a Hindu. We need your commitment and discipline. We don’t want to exist as an organization on paper, we want to be a live organization with active members. As a member, we expect you to stand with us together so that our united voice reaches the government and makes an impact.

We also want to you abide by our approach and refrain from violence. Even pelting stones and abusive language is not allowed. . We do not want to defeat the purpose of our campaigns by getting involved in avoidable controversies. We shall fight in the language of the pseudo-secularists.

What we do not want from you

1. We do not want you to give up your occupation and become full-time members. The country must march ahead and it needs your contribution.

2. Discrimination on the basis of caste, community, region, language, financial condition or any other factor will not be tolerated.

3. Frequent absence from meetings and/or rallies.

4. We do not collect any money, so please do not ask for donations or give any money to anyone in the name of Swabhimaan.


Action on the streets

1. Conduct rallies and counter rallies and get attention of the media and political parties.

2. Spread awareness about the organization, issues and events through meetings, Internet and emails, phone

3. Maintaining personal contacts is the key strategy for gaining collective strength. The most effective way of spreading awareness is by talking to people, spending time with them and educating them for the need of a non-political organization that can tackle the mess of cheap politics.

Get people involved, get their commitment and time. Always invite them personally to rallies and meetings. Start from your immediate surroundings – your relatives, friends, and neighbours. Donating two to three hours in a month should not be a big deal for people. Do not go far - organize rallies in your area. Concurrent rallies are the key – this will increase awareness about the organization and its issues and also build up pressure. Rallies would be organized on weekends to draw maximum number of people.

4. Support other political and non-political organizations on a case-to-case basis.

5. Cultural and religious festivals : We should encourage Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs to attend each other’s religious festivals and repose faith in our common cultural and political history.

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