Friday, February 19, 2010

Tweets of the Week

BJP Indore Meet

offstumped Nitin Gadkari talks about his economic focus (watch from 2.40 mins onwards) LT @Sivaraman_A

YouthBJP Gadkari's priorities

Shreyash_ @Swabhimaan This is the speech, and this is wht TOI has to say,

offstumped Nitin Gadkari - I have decided to constitute a group of Party workers and supporters to prepare an INDIA VISION 2025 document

offstumped: Nitin Gadkari: The actual business of performing economic activities should be left to non-governmental enterprises.

offstumped Nitin Gadkari - Breaking this nexus encouraging healthy entrepreneurship, ensuring lawful has to be government’s role in the economy.

@offstumped: NG - 10% of the Central tax revenues should be transferred directly to gram panchayats and municipal bodies

@sudhirksingh:The BJP resolution on terror asks the PM to ''revisit'' the govt's Kashmir policy in the light of 'talks at any cost' move.

offstumped Nitin Gadkari - encouragement to rural tourism and wildlife tourism can result in good roads and hotels being built by local entrepreneurs

offstumped Nitin Gadkari - number of rural infrastructure works can be taken out of inefficient government departments entrusted to rural entrepreneurs

offstumped Nitin Gadkari - The government's duty is confined mainly to strategic planning, legislation of sound laws and their effective enforcement.

offstumped Nitin Gadkari has firmly put Center Right economics at the heart of BJP's agenda in this speech and the lazy media just hasnt got it

offstumped Btw all of this was before he even gets to a token mention on Ayodhya which too is merely an appeal to Muslim community

sudhirksingh Ranganath Mishra Commission's proposals are 'dangerous', says Venkaiah Naidu. Communal reservations will sow seeds of 2nd partition @Bjpmeet

SudhirKudva: "Talk to opposition first, then to Pakistan: Modi in Indore"

sudhirksingh Jaitley also said events in Kashmir were moving inexorably from ''separate state to separatism''. #BJPmeet

sudhirksingh NaMo says UPA issuing i-cards in Pak bordering villages without verification. Shows their vote-bank mindset.

Dosabandit BJP amends constitution, raises number of women office-holders

Mainstream media’s coverage of the event


thinkerspad @Mister_India Even a peace offer on Ayodhya is being maligned.

centerofright @ukkenr @BDUTT @nidhiNDTV Btw tell me why does this split come up only when temple is raised not when reservtns on religion and caste comeup

Laa_Vaa @BDUTT Ayodhya is 1 issue not the only issue in BJP agenda.If they put it on bk burner media has problem if its on front 1 thn 2 media howls

Nitin Gadkari
mpanj19: Nitin G. rips Congress and media a new one -

sudhirksingh NG says Ratan Tata once told him that he (Gadkari) had proved more professional than they. Proves work can be done in govt. if u want.

centerofright @amsrjn @NamitaWaikar @BDUTT can vouch for the mum pune- expressway/ the Flyovers in mum and MSRDC wre his ideas know a lot of const comps

NamitaWaikar: @BDUTT u have to see the excellent roads in Nagpur (thanks to Nitin Gadkari) to know he is an achiever not just a talker.

Cartoon of The Week
sudhirtailang - ONE INDIA -- Kapil Sibal's Utopia!

centerofright Two eyes for an eye... the entire jaw for a tooth. Exterminate Maobadi terror NOW! by @KanchanGupta

KanchanGupta hunt down Maobadis NOW, or prepare for something similar to Sri Lanka's war on LTTE. Colombo won war. Can Dilli succeed?

Recommended readings:

centerofright Mamata Banerjee not soft on Maoists: Chidambaram - yes sir from tomorrow sun is rising from west

centerofright who is hand in glove now ? what will cong ans RT @Mrityunjoykjha: Maha Govt's clean chit to Thackeray, Raj, Rane in vandalism cases

thinkerspad Hyderabad going Mumbai way??? A MNS type campaign for jobs for people of state only at BHEL. Outsiders beaten. Logic applies to #scrap370

pragmatic_d After Milind Deora's piece on DRDO a few years ago, this is the most awesome piece on defence production by a Congress MP

Mrityunjoykjha #mail today:govt moots jail for gm food critics..draconian clause in biotech reg bill ?

thinkerspad Just because there are four more years for General Elections doesn't mean the Congress Govt. can govern loosely. Food crisis is criminal.

centerofright Kashmir valley's stone pelters graduate to petrol bombs

centerofright MIT - IIT graduates apply for the Gujarat CM fellowship program RT @mpanj19:

satyabhashnam: @mpanj19 lol. Wats awesome is @NarendraModi didn't name it after himself. Selfless huh?

centerofright Space technology to identify whale sharks off Gujarat

Our Belligerent Neighbours
centerofright For all thos who feel Karachi project has come up today in TOI. The same was covered in Daily pioneer almost 1monthback

KanchanGupta: Excellent article by Shashi Shekhar: Shadow of 313 Brigade

offstumped Swapan Dasgupta calls for Indian Military role in Afghanistan bravo @Swapan55

offstumped Hindu on how Chidambaram failed to push NATGRID thru Cabinet

offstumped Is this where @PraveenSwami and Hindu are getting their inspiration for Hindutva conspiracy theories on Pune Blast

i_panchajanya Shocking Kuldip Nayar writes in "THE DAWN" that Hemant Karkare was killed either VHP/BD Can we file a PIL against him

naveenks "The BNP is waging a proxy war against India on behalf of Pakistan"

@swaraj_india: Mustread "How India's Intellectuals Spread Lies: Ravi Shanker Kapoor: Books: India Intellectuals"

Red Terror
@offstumped: Check out to appreciate the true nature of Maoist Terrorism - these guys are preparing for War

KanchanGupta:More on austerity: Centre directs States to scrap annual target practice for cops. Now once in 3 years

singh_prakash Visited operational areas in 36garh. State has borne the brunt of Naxal violence. But it is one state where CM 'n DGP are both committed

pragmatic_d Hindu edit on inadequacies of police to fight the Maoists is here.

@ProjectDharma: When a Gorkha says this you better be afraid "We will teach Kishenji what we can do" LT @lookitthis

centerofright Maoists ban on traders' entry into Jharkhand villages cripples life of the poor

centerofright Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee doubts forces' reflex action capability - with leaders like this do we need enemies?

offstumped Tragic and grim Human Rights lesson to Nitish Kumar from Maoist Terrorists he now has blood on his hands

offstumped Nitish kumar has always been vastly overrated by media and intelligenstia as a freudian reaction against BJP, opportunism is showing

Other New/Views/Policies
jojijoykutty @Swabhimaan Media cmpletly neglects d issues faced by d poor farmers f rural India. Hw mny times do v C a news item dedicated 4 their cause?

centerofright Price of sugar in India is hitting the roof, the govt allows 10000 Tons of sugar to be xported to Europe. Congdistances

visaraj Kamal’s fury forces Montek aide to withdraw RTI query Whats cooking in Transport Ministry? Is Kamal Nath the New Baalu.

Mrityunjoykjha: Out of 61 deemed uni approved by the then HRD Min Arjun singh,59 are not fit by the HRD review report!

j_piyush @sardesairajdeep @bdutt isn't it biased dat rlwy mnstr got de aproval of 14 rlwy projects for bangal out of total 25.

pragmatic_d You know the kind of a country you are when your fertiliser subsidy bill equals nearly 70% of your defence budget.

offstumped Looks like the State's threshold for upholding Freedom of Speech when it comes to Minorities

Mainstream Media
KVSarmaJ something practised by @bdutt @vikramchandrandtv @sardesairajdeep and MSM, since 1970s

rahul_razdan @sardesairajdeep Media needs to step in. Any attack in Kashmir or Assam needs to be given similar coverage as Pune blast

thinkerspad Media is becoming a state organ for obstructing the path of democracy and disallowing people from making informed choices.

SudhirKudva @barbarindian I wanted to know what @sagarikaghose thinks. They praise MMS for liberalization and then in the same breath talk abt NREGS

RAJAGOPALAN1951 Chidambaram won the hearts of women journos they all said what a pronounciation and accent.Gave no news but only English

RVarmanshetty @sureshnakhua @Swabhimaan did you'll know that sonia singh of @NDTV 's husband rpn singh is a congress mp from up

i_panchajanya NG says wealways stood for complete constitutional integration of J&K with the nation. While @bdutt & Hindu says NG diluted stand on 370!

niknathind @sagarikaghose compare ur debate to the one Sonia Singh of NDTV had on BJP n ull see how biased n unfair n one-sided ur debate came across..

kittigadu: I love the way MOSSAD works .. @pragmatic_d 'Mossad' murder mystery has plenty of red herrings.

filter_c The absurdity of it all. Mossad chief being pressured to resign. For what? For doing his job?

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tweets of the Week

soulinexile Govt more interested in getting 11000 terrorists back to #Kashmir - let the 7 lakh Kashmiri Pandits be damned in exile for ever.

pragmatic_d It is easy to blame & lampoon the police, but this is how they work in what people call the ‘nursery of terror’.

@vivakermani: While SS & Congress slug it out over #MNIK& #SRK ,BJP focusses on what matters-demonstrating against price rise & 18% food

Nitin Gadkari on Food Inflation:

narenarun: After art370, Gadkari uses RTI to d...

BasavarajVannur BJP takes to streets over price rise


malviyamit Govt proposes to cap damages under the Nuclear Liability Bill at Rs 2500cr. A move that will benefit US. Wonder if UPA is an American agent?

Straight from the horse’s mouth: NidhiNDTV @Swabhimaan yes yes, I know what we do- we are pro congress, anti bJP, anti national forces!

centerofright @NidhiNDTV i disagree , sometime you are pro-left too, but thats only spking abt channel, not individuals here.

Mrityunjoykjha WB govt announces 10%reservation in jobs for socially, educationally and economically backward Muslims under OBC category..POLL POLITICS


Deshabhakta if muslim reservation is not tenable and sustainable in Andhra as per High Court order, how is it not so in Bengal?

ssudhirkumar And why is pioneer only reporting it and not the other self acclaimed media? RT @Swabhimaan: Is this the job of CEC

Swabhimaan Is the CEC telling Amma that if she goes with Congress, EVMs will do a volte face and vote for her?

offstumped Interesting, dubious morality of Rights groups exposed amnesty international draws flak for taliban collaboration

PM and President’s Office
Swabhimaan Praful,Raja awarded for corruption.Jai Ho ! RT @Mrityunjoykjha: PM's class report, Soni,Kamalnath,Azad falter while Praful,Raja got A grade.

Mrityunjoykjha 12 SKELETON OF TIGER & LEOPARD FOUND IN PANNA TIGER RISERVE..I think PMO is the nodal monitoring agency!

thinkerspad Unable to understand Manmohan Singh's reference to threats of communal violence. Is our PM trying to create an issue that doesn't exist???

BasavarajVannur: Patil herself had lot of cases against her! just google for them! Joke is, chatwal receiving padma 4m pratibha patel

offstumped: Come on Rahul let us go to Srinagar and "derail the separatists" by buying a piece of land calling scrap Art 370 ? #scrap370

barbarindian Kashmir "Azadi" is astro turfed renting youth to pelt stones: LT @varun_vijay @SagarikaGhose

rajizm Why don't "mosques plead for KPs' return" now? @bdutt @NidhiNDTV

pragmatic_d All the recent militant attacks in Kashmir have been in Sopore, a Jamaiti-Geelani stronghold. That's not coincidence.

Regional Parochialism
RT @
KanchanGupta @offstumped we trend 'Mumbai for all', but nobody says 'Kashmir for Indians'. Shows how superficial is our commitment.

KanchanGupta 20 years ago when Hindus were thrown out of Kashmir, that was coercive hoodlum politics too. Not a 'mystery', as @NDTV now claims.

KanchanGupta While Pandits languish, refugees in their own country, humiliated and uncared for because they are Hindus.

KanchanGupta But there was TV when Congress fielded as candidate the man who abducted Papiya, a Bengali girl of Bhagalpur, triggering Bong exodus.

KanchanGupta Maobadis holding nearly a third of India to ransom through coercive hoodlum politics is not subject of media scrutiny, but glorification.

narenarun: My name is "common man" means no security, My name is Khan means 1/4th of city police for you. Shame of 2010 :(

Arppit - According to a C-VOTER survey across India, Narendra Modi is the best chief minister of the country.

centerofright Must read how #naxals wanted 2 fill in the vacuum caused by elemination of Dacoit gangs in UP. Mayawati on right track

pragmatic_d Unwell Soren just a ploy to avoid undertaking joint operations against Maoists. Shame.

Mrityunjoykjha: UN:Systematic attacks on schools on rise in India,nearly 300 schools were blown up by Maoists between 2006 and 2009.#rea

centerofright Vendors throw vegetables on road in protest against Maoist shutdown

naveenks So what made Assam CM T Gogoi get serious about terror? Is he as serious about illegal migration of Bangladeshis?

Our Belligerent Neighbours
centerofright Infiltration up in Jammu and Kashmir: Manmohan Singh- then why .. are we spking to pak. ..

pragmatic_d Here is the real surge. Too many Track-2 conferences on India and Pakistan happening.

thinkerspad If this applies to Naxals, why does it not apply to Pakistan???

pragmatic_d The 3 countries know it. This IPI pipeline is a non-starter. End the charade now.

Other New/Views/Policies
Sivaraman_A Shahnawaz Hussein writes in ET against religious reservations

@democratically: Very Very well done! Industrial Production was 16.8% in Dec'09

centerofright 59000 crores is the amount of money unspent from key central schemes in 3 yrs.

rk_misra: Gave a talk / Q&A sessiong with YOUNG MPs of BJP, YES BJP too has young MPs :), on 'Politics of Development' - Very Refreshing

@captainjohann: @Swabhimaan Both Mr.Muthalik and the Congress guys are working against the efficient BJP government

sepoy Academia in India sucks. Also, India has colonial inferiority complex. Says Raghuram Rajan. via @UchicagoMag

@Mrityunjoykjha: Silent revolution of Nitish Kumar :Five new Regional Industrial hubs to be set up in Bihar

subhadra_72: 'Slumdog Millionaire' worst #film I have seen, says Girish Karnad.

@rk_misra: Wish more & more join the cyberspace and Tweet World to make TV news media (imitating Fox News) and their junk irrelevant.

Mainstream Media
bajaj316 @Swabhimaan use the media, dont let it use u

@realpreityzinta: @rajizm that's indian media for you ! Herd mentality.... Sorry heard (it from someone but not confirmed) mentality !

@rk_misra: Wish more & more join the cyberspace and Tweet World to make TV news media (imitating Fox News) and their junk irrelevant.

sudhirksingh @ShivamVij Is @bdutt ever ashamed when jihadis slaughter innocents in J&K? Guess it moves the peace process forward?

i_panchajanya: Kudos @sardesairajdeep for saying BSF admit killing Kashmirboy by mistake but SHAME @BDUTT fr saying HR violation &making

sudhirksingh Barring a few mistakes, patriots are proud of the BSF's work in J&K. A law against those who defame our forces is a must. @bdutt @shivamvij

sudhirksingh @centerofright @sardesairajdeep is anyday a more responsible & balanced journo than the minority pleasing, anti-Hindu, traitorous @bdutt.

InternetHindus:Stone throwin ppl in Mumbai r termd as Vandals but d same in Kashmir r 'supresd secular janta' @bdutt @sagarikaghose

suryaoleti Maha govt arrests 1000 shivsainiks to protect a movie, where was this govt when MNS was beating up poor ppl frm North India??

StartupCentral: Mumbai cannot come out to vote but it can turn up to give #srk a houseful friday. what a laughable democracy.

soulinexile tamasha about MNIK/SS contro -- seems scripted to me - to get pple out of the hypnotism of #3Idiots. A billion Idiots conned. (Or khanned)

@malviyamit: @BDUTT Is NDTV an official media partner of MNIK ?

ssudhirkumar @BDUTT I dont support what SS is doing, but i feel hurt when natl media takes up issues based on the nature of celebs involved.

ssudhirkumar @BDUTT TRS chief's daughter openly gives out a stmt saying a movie will not be allowed to run, where was this outrage?

pawandurani Deshdrohi of KRK was banned by Congress on grounds grounds it will escalate tensions... Why is same Govt promoting MNIK ? Pakistan Love ????

centerofright I have a simple Q. When Narayan Rane's son and followers tried to block the Movie Zenda, did the govt provide the same security to that guy?

thinkerspad Journalists are now acting in movie, I wonder if they are just acting while reporting also to ignite passions and increase TRPs...

paradhaman ibn 7 and ndtv lies on MNIK exposed

rohinkumars @BDUTT MNIK movie box office details in germany and etc are banner items in NDTV last week instead of real issues.What a low for NDTV.

Mrityunjoykjha #MNIK People who make their opinion after reviews,I have doubts about their it then form your opinion..

Deshabhakta hence pak a gr8 neighbor RT @philotweepic Singers of MNIK:1Rahat Fateh Ali Khan 2Adnan Sami 3Shafqat Amanat Ali 4 Rashid Khan ALL PAKISTANI!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Response to Barkha Dutt's Comment

Ok, this in response to Barkha Dutt’s comment:
Always stunned by the freak mobs on the internet who seem to spend all their energy pushing hate. what drives them, I wonder?

Read comments from people who are not ‘freak mobs’. They spoke, wrote on how we free, freak uneducated, venom spewing mobs were out to spead hatred and hound the leading light of journalism aka Barkha Dutt.

First, I don’t think I need to present evidence of my education or employment to these people because it does not in any way strengthen or weaken the case and cause I have brought up.

But have these educated people even tried to go through the material presented, ask any questions and tried to resort to any independent research on the issue before calling us hate mongerers, irresponsible, attention seeking wicked freaks? Frankly speaking, some did. But most didn’t. They just went by what Barkha Dutt had to say, because of a belief that whatever Barkha Dutt will say has be true. This, my dear friends is the simplest and the biggest cause for rot in our media and journalists. People take anything at face value. They simply cannot believe that Barkha Dutt too can lie.

False stories on selling out of a cricket team, false stories on Kajol's tweet : where did this all appear : on NDTV, but NDTV or Barkha Dutt must not be criticized.

These are the kind of educated people TRPs thrive on. For a while just think about it..was I spreading hatred??? I was asking you to think about the forgotten victims of terrorism – the Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to leave Kashmir at gun-point. But when Barkha Dutt says mosques pleaded, exodus of pandits is a mystery, you stand up tall to shout me down. Just think why. Did you spare a moment for them, people who have been living away from their homes for no fault of theirs? So who is the hate mongerer? Isn’t lying about what caused their exodus criminal? This is what Barkha Dutt did.

Barkha Dutt knows how to use the Twitter well. Just call a few names – mobsters, freaks, and drown out the real argument. She does this because she is part of the media, has wide reach. We don’t. We can be shouted down and out easily. Barkha Dutt call names and we get called mosters. Wow!!

My twitter update limit has crossed for today, so can’t reply to all of you. But will try to send you the message.

To Barkha Dutt : Passion for truth and justice drives us. We are not paid to do this unlike you. It is not our job, but our duty.

To all the educated people: Say NO to #PAIDNEWS and TRP driven journos.

Some sources where you can verify the facts from and judge on your own:
Book: My Frozen turbulances in Kashmir by the then Governor of Kashmir: Jagmohan
Blog of a person on Twitter who is a Kashmiri Pandit: @soulinexile
Videos on Kashmiri Pandits : Made by a kashmiri Pandit

To forget would be to forgive

Tweets from Kashmiri Pandits in Exile

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Friday, February 5, 2010


...brought to you by INTERNET HINDUS

Support for
#scrap370 and #KashmirForAllIndians
building on Twitter – please join in, support the cause and spread the word – as usual sickular media not reporting this
GrNut: The Congress : 370 Degrees of Hypocrisy

Special: NDTV’s & Barkha Dutt’s lies on Kashmiri Pandits exposed…pls scroll down to read & watch in section Article 370

centerofright How many of you guys have read the constructive feedback given on Direct Tax Code Given by BJP.

offstumped BJP not just gets to repudiate Sena's parochialism but it also gets to frame Art 370 in a liberal national context thats hard to fault

pawandurani #KashmirForAllIndians #Scrap370 Must Read

i_panchajanya: for once IE has some good words for RSS Says ...n.

vinod_sharma Who's given media authority to fix people? Big B asked this of @sardesairajdeep who had no answer.Journalists have become judges

ssudhirkumar There is 'good' Congress and 'bad' Congress. Hence the separation between party and government when things go wrong!

ssudhirkumar There is only area with which the PM is obssessed and concentrates on. Foreign Policy. And even that is such a mess!!!

Article 370
According to NDTV and Barkha Dutt ‘mosques pleaded’ and ‘Kashmiri Pandit exodus is a mystery’. She has not apologized yet and resorted to name-calling when asked about this video. She called us ‘mobsters’.
Here is the video:
centerofright @BDUTT are you sure this is true, that they pleaded from mosques for folks to go out? Read @soulinexile blog. he wasthere

KanchanGupta Is that you @BDUTT ? So Hasan is a 'mobster' too?

KanchanGupta Most pretend outrage that Holocaust should be denied. But what happens when another Holocaust, one at home, is denied?

Retributions Response to Jug Suriya on Article 370.

Jug Suraiya on #MumbaiForALL #Indians and #KashmirforALL #Indians

Deshabhakta Ek desh mein do Vidhan, do Pradhan and Do Nishan nahi challenge - Shyama Prasad Mukherjee #scrap370

soulinexile Ofcourse no street protest for this! RT @DNA: Terrorists open fire at crowd after Friday prayers in #Kashmir, 2 dead

Credit for the Title goes to @Kanchangupta who used this phrase to describe Rahul Gandhi’s Mumbai’s trip, but we will start with Bihar here:

Must Watch : Jai Bihar!! what educated ppl can do to leaders like Rahul Gandhi
Swabhimaan @ssudhirkumar @Mrityunjoykjha yet Rahul G grabs all headlines for standing up for the rghts of ppl of UP n Bihar !
Swabhimaan saara kaam RSS aur BJP kare..stamp lagane ke liye Rahul Gandhi a jaata hai...muftkhor

centerofright @Swabhimaan @ssudhirkumar @Mrityunjoykjha Are u forgetting maha and AP elections are over next in 2014, but Bihar and UP are in 2011 &2012

offstumped Little wonder that Rahul Gandhi either makes good press or no press later - an infatuated media has lost it's ability to ask tough qns

anaggh All ye who travel by train, take a bow. It's now called demonstrating talent for out-of-box thinking!

offstumped Will someone fileRTI request on tax payer money spent to derail sena
Please note: this was a party visit, his constituency is Amethi

visaraj TV's says Sena Protesting for TV sake. Rahul also going to Mumbai TV sake. Why is the TV not saying that.

ssudhirkumar So use NSG for political gains, but forget about rewardig Vilasrao, RR Patil and that nicompoooop Shivraj Patil. Go media go !

pk3061972 @ssudhirkumar lesson for Andhra , if u DONT vote him U get all ATTENTION from him UP,BIHAR and u VOTE him u get Royal Snub andhra-Burning

centerofright All the #mumbaiforall outrage was missing completely when the taxi drivers were being beaten up, forgot that they donot hv a film MNIK

malviyamit In all this chaos Cong party and its Govt in Maha have been a mute spectator perhaps guarded that the debate will open up the Art 370 issue!

ssudhirkumar @Mrityunjoykjha hmm... guess I am more angry because the prince never ever made an attempt to come to Hyd when it was burning:(

centerofright RT @visaraj: @SugirthaVeni Rahul is silent on article 370 and quota for Muslims in WB?

ssudhirkumar Media should have questioned Rahul why his govt. in Maha is cowardly.But wait,i forgot:Rahul is different from party which is diff from govt

indianalltheway: What RG did in UP - gave Azhar (traitor) a ticket to appease minorities.& we hail himfor "clean"politics..awesome media

Reasons not to vote for the baby
ssudhirkumar This is why ppl want to vote for him‘‘Oh, he’s so cute!’’ ‘‘gosh, he’s charming!’’ ‘‘He’s got a deadly smile, my god!’’

Priyvratgadhvi: tiger consrvationists need2 take leaf out of asiatic lion consrvn in gujarat, 13 animals left in wild in 1920, 359 today

rajesh219 Guj employment exchange acounts 4 more than 60pct of d placemnts that happen thru employmnt exchangs nationwide. Anodr ace by NaMo @malinip

Mainstream Media
Our achievement : Yes they have labeled us now like they label everyone who goes against them! But we are proud to be labelled Internet Hindus by @sagarikaghose!!!

offstumped A Delhi based media elite oxymoron - Internet Hindus are an anti-modern force

proaudience Doesn't this sound familiar? Pseudos calling nationalists names? RT @JIDF: so ironic, they call ME a terrorist....

centerofright The branding continues from others too- Elite/Shallow Conservatives/Cyber Jingoists/Internet Hindus and now Mobsters wohooooooooooooooo

Welcome change in Rajdeep Sardesai….lets see how long it lasts
@sardesairajdeep No paper frontpage NHRC order to Manipur govt-111 police encounters. if gujarat,it wd hv bn top story

i_panchajanya NAMO: TV channels goes hyper when Obama speaks in Hindi but I am criticized for trying to write in Italian! What wrong have I done?

KanchanGupta Media shows how not to focus on prices, communal quota, Pakistan, Taliban, spineless wonder called MMS. Easy: Keep churning bilge on SS, SRK

vinod_sharma Often the only diff between Cong and Shiv Sena/MNS is in the level of sophistication and media support when pursuing identical agendas

centerofright So @narendramodi called Sathiya Gaya by Cong spokesperson is not cringeworthy but anything said against anyone is cong is blasphemy

centerofright @ssudhirkumar Btw the media doesnt question the cong president like they hound other party prez

@ssudhirkumar: Unlike the president of the congress, the president of bjp directly is responding to issues

ProjectDharma Why isnt Congress questioned with such vigour for propping the MNS, ma'm? @bdutt

ssudhirkumar Come to think of it, Indian foriegn policy was held hostage for about a cuple of days to Afridi being hurt at the IPL 'snub' !!

Our Belligerent Neighbours
acornWhenever our jihad in Kashmir nears success, India becomes ready for talks,”

acorn But talking to Pakistan only makes sense if India also compels the United States to act against the military-jihadi complex.

Vikram_Sood (c/- whipping up emotions in POK with Syed Salahuddin & Hafiz Saeed as the star performers. Kayani talks tough. We suggest talks. Looks good

filter_c Two perspectives on India-Pakistan talks by @acorn and @pragmatic_d

pragmatic_d Changing the trialteral dynamic is an ambitious long shot. Serious danger of AfPak becoming IndAfPak. Be careful.

Terrorism within
barbarindian The name of the terrorist supporting ex-MLA must be disclosed: #ShashiTharoor

Bhaskarchat @naveenks Hyd is heaven of terrorists because of Cong rule. It also shows terror growth has no relation with BJP as @nidhindtv wld think

naveenks FBI: Hyderabad haven for terrorists after J&K, its Hyderabad which has maximum # of terrorists who have fled India.

satyabhashnam Centre asks rubber stamp Prez to disapprove GUJCOC @narendramodi

More News/Views
centerofright Daily pioneer is one news paper that is seriously looking at corruption in Telecom.

@zookybeans: UPites/Bihari's are responsible for the green revolution in punjab thereby contributing to make Ind surplus in food grains

sabirahamedgd’s discussion with centerofright on West Bengal’s Muslims:
sabirahamedgd @centerofright I am not concern about IPL but about my fellow Indian BPL citizen ? what do you think?
sabirahamedgd @centerofright Left produce Muslim cadre but not leader in West Bengal from PRI to national level.
sabirahamedgd @centerofright Muslims are less in school, collage, employment, more in pavement,correctional homes and traffciked victim.Have a sound data
sabirahamedgd @centerofright huge illiteracy, elusive dream of land reforms and congress elitist politics led them to court left.
centerofright @sabirahamedgd The points you raised are true in other parts of the country also. Show the demon of rightwing, but no dev politics
sabirahamedgd @centerofright i agree with your last point.

pragmatic_d: Ponder! Pragati has stories on Bombay that talks about it becoming an Int fin centr; MSM only has SS-SRK stories on Mumbai.

AcademicHelp Why is it so that Sonia G is so v. much enamored of the weakest & meekest among his party? Eg. MMS, ShivRaj Patil, Ambika Soni & SM Krishna

vivakermani Reality is 50% of children in India are malnutritoned &1.95 million children below the age of 5 die annually .Nothing europhic abt 7% growth

i_panchajanya MUMmohan Singh would have been more apt name for PM ManMohan Singh

visaraj Rajiv Gandhi stage-managed purchase of Bofors gun: court

vivakermani @SandeepWeb In the 15th LS, Varun Gandhi has asked 135 questions, Maneka 86. But the Sonia-Rahul duo have asked 0 questions

centerofright RT @AshikOnFire: Reason y Mumlayam Singh is beenpampered n Pawar was allowed to eat corrupt money Pre-Budget,UPAnervous

barbarindian Great blow by blow account of a Bt Brinjal meet with Jairam Ramesh by @ssudhirkumar Need more no BS reporting like this

centerofright UP: Cong backs OBC status for Jats @bdutt how is this splitting india on caste lines for votes?

rajesh219 We have a Fin Min who does all d Home min task, an ex Fin Min who is struglng as Home Min n a Prime Min who has 2 b reminded dat he is PM

singh_prakash Mayawati wanted SPG protection on the pattern of PM. GoI did not oblige. So, she created her own SPG (Statues' Protection Group).

KanchanGupta Strange that nobody should feel outraged Congress sleeping with DMK's Raja while he sleeps with crooks on the sly. Why can't Cong break

centerofright Assam's picnic spot Chawki attracts tourists as insurgency recedes

centerofright RBI projects Zero growth in farm sector- isn't this one reason to close the agri ministry?

venkatananth A WaPo editorial recommends the Obama administration to burst Beijing's bubble NOW -

offstumped How long can the world’s biggest borrower remain the world’s biggest power