Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tweets of the week

pawandurani @sardesairajdeep When we recd reply of RTI for facts against Yasin Malik & Bitta Karate ,you channel refused to do story .Said KP news stale

offstumped: Day after Narendra Modi's SIT deposition:

ankankr @swapan55 said "victims of gujrat riots have become a pawn in the gamesmanship of vctimhood" right on the mark!

visaraj Have the Media ever done a story on Hindu's who have lost there lives in Gujarat riots 2002? The Answer will be Big NO

offstumped Speaking of justice posthumous was Indira Gandhi ever put on trial for Emergency

Nilesh_Kamani: If UPA-II will not do anything concrete for AP/MH farmers, we will soon have new campaign. "Save Farmers.Only 1411 left."

hermanprit Gurcharandas' book: "extremism of secularists" has made it increasingly difficult to be a "liberal Hindu".

jemin_p: Supreme court quashes PIL " to withdraw cases against HUSSAIN" ~ says cases still stand

sudhirtailang Mahatma Gandhi abolished 'Untouchability' --now Sonia Gandhi makes it fashionable!

sudhirtailang Big B is the new Harijan !

satyabhashnam UPA fails to get show on road. ‘20 km a day’, Kamal Nath not close to even halfway mark

@naveenks: Maharashtra ranks 3rd among BPL states after UP, Bihar after 11 years of Congress-NCP rule. Jai ho!!

Mrityunjoykjha: Maha saw ovr 50%price rise inmany essentil commodities, during last 5yrs, which affected mostly rural areas : EcoSurvey.

pragmatic_d: 30.7% BPL in Maharashtra, 1 lac 85 k crore its debt. But IPL matches exempt from entertainment tax, u...

offstumped argues that Narendra Modi needs political room for reconciliation

offstumped Strong statement from Narendra Modi on SIT canard floated for 21st

centerofright @pawandurani: Gujarat Muslims register highest literacy rate Modi's Tenure improve education level

centerofright cool following guj example RT @InstantMusings: Karnataka to give incentive to conflict-free villages

centerofright GUJ again RT @sonaliranade: Green shoots: Private investment is helpingIndia’s farmers in a way government support cnt

auldtimer: Nano project is bringing prosperity to Gujarat villagers, some of who, surprise, happen to be Muslims:

mpanj19 I say it again - Compare Mrastra under Cong and Gujarat under NaMo - 9 years - - Zameen aasman ka pharak hai.

ashokep Let the Supreme Court order an investigating team to inquire about the exodus of lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits 20 yrs back.Bggst trgdy of d wrld

ashokep @PrabhuChawla U are absolutely right sir.Let Farookh abdullah be calld for massacre of Kashmiri Pandits and their exodus.

thinkerspad During the parliamentary debate, Manmohan Singh said everything but never refused Advaniji's claim that he was planning pre-1953 J&K status.

Dosabandit Bill banning inter-district recruitment in J&K to be introduced Will "Mumbai for all" brigade protest this? #scrap370

pawandurani @sardesairajdeep Media never focussed in getting Yasin Malik & Bitta Karate nailed ... Shallow journalism...

pawandurani @sardesairajdeep And what about that 3 month old Kashmiri Pandit kid who got sprayed 30 bullets in NANDIMARG ..

pawandurani @sagarikaghose Temple land being sold in Kashmir by fudging revenue documents ... Does Media care about Hindu sentiments

Deshabhakta BJP, RSS call second struggle to abolish Article 370 #scrap370

Belligerent Neighbours
c_aashish Such smartness by #Pakistan. First devise strategy to create stimulus for an attack. Then nullify the response: Bravo!

Other New/Views/Policies
kapskom: B. Raman in the Wall St. Journal on how the US, under Obama, has ruined its relationship with India:

centerofright: E-learning centres for IIT aspirants across Karnataka soon

thinkerspad Indian Navy accepts Chinese supremacy in Indian Ocean:

naveenks Maoists attracting youths w salary of Rs 3k + share in d annual Rs1400cr extortion money.

InternetHindus Narayan Rane's NGO humiliates woman for 'stealing water'. Parades her by blackiening her face.

acorn: Altekar's classic out-of-print book on education in ancient India is available online.