Friday, May 28, 2010

Tweets of the Week

sudhirtailang UPA- 2 is ONE! CARTOON

centerofright: -first columnist to publicly lay the evils of UPA 2.0 & 1.0 at Sonia Gandhi's door on all problems

centerofright Look at the graphic and see how the naxals are growing as part of plan on an axis to slice India

Mrityunjoykjha Job applications from Maoist strongholds flood paramilitary -

visaraj: When BJP talked about Maoist menace from Pasupathinath to Tirupati; Media said BJP is going overbaord.It turned out to be true.

bmsuds: @bdutt Delhi Muslims rubbish Govt's apprhnsns of la n ordr prblm aftr Afzal's hnging Say Govt lacks will.

toralvaria: frm exp,i'm convinced that none of ths R spontaneous. thr is a script. rent a riot is a fact and a buzzing growing business.

sohamshah: Attacks in A'bad: which the media never shows (ed)

centerofright @sardesairajdeep is this not news or should it be brushed @sagarikaghose

centerofright @sardesairajdeep Any idea why the shahpur incidents in guj are not
being telecast - this is the 3rd incident not being reported

ZoomIndianMedia NaMo exposes deceit of IBN Lies live type media - Youtube video

Nilesh_Kamani Center harassed Guj Cotton farmers by putting the ban on cotton export and then lifting it. No mention in any media?

centerofright RT @Nilesh_Kamani: Slide show on Muslim's earning/education/health statistics published in Sachar Committee report.

KVSarmaJ @sardesairajdeep could you please tell me why Manipur blockade is not covered in IBN website whereas Thailand situation is covered big time? v

Mrityunjoykjha The Prime Minister will not do anything sir... that's his mandate!

bharkadatta: MOUNmohan Singh already acting in a Bond movie titled 'On Her Majesty's secret service'!!!

pragmatic_d What kind of a government is this where the Union Home Minister has to canvass for his mandate via the media.

ssudhirkumar "The prime minister's capacity to damage institutions silently even while maintaining a good image stands out,"

Vikram_Sood: Yesterday's TOI page 1 - or as it appeared to me - was abt profits .. of peace. Dantewada was on page 3. Found it odd

Mrityunjoykjha: Its not amankiasha..its selected crossborder tourism..even for a born optimistic...bilatral trade...LOL

centerofright Guj grows at 12.99% where Ind at 7.2% RT @mvaru: anyone find this news in any Indian news sites?

Nilesh_Kamani . See the list of states which got benefit of farm loan waiver. Gujarat Farmers didn't need any farm loan waiver.

offstumped E-voting for 1st time in India in local body civic polls would like to hear those who said mandatory voting impractical

Narendra Modi : Gujarat has earned 39 per cent out of 100 per cent carbon credits earned by the country

Nisha_y @Swabhimaan MUST READ. happy guj!

proaudience: Guj scorches like never before. No power cuts/ failures until now though.

Nilesh_Kamani: Gujarat govt gets award for Jyotigram scheme

vivakermani: Contrary to what is happening in other parts of India, #Gujarat has increased its tree cover

L.K Advani : In terms of literacy level, Muslims in Gujarat stand at 73.5 per cent as compared to the national average of 59.1 per cent.

ZoomIndianMedia Montek Singh & Planning Commission suck: Communalizing and criminalizing Governance. Good that NaMo called out the deceit

Raman Singh makes good points too... clearly he and PC are getting along well on Naxal strategy

centerofright States use less than 20% of grant allocated for backward regions

offstumped Pratap Bhanu Mehta deconstructs the Rahul Gandhi brand of babalog politics finally someone is calling out the prince

Laa_Vaa:"politics cannot be indefinite journey of photo opportunities....he has been doing it for long" Arun Jaitley on Rahul Gandhi

offstumped Before Rahul Gandhi makes this about "India Shining" just have this for him - stop your "India Whining" campaign

indianalltheway: RG said UP had rejected pols of religion - did he chose Azhar bcoz of his match fixing accomplishments?

InstantMusings: It took them 48 years to construct a sub-post office bldg in Rae Bareli. Jai Ho.

centerofright: Rly staff suspended for delaying Sonia - see rly ministry works

vivakermani: #Karnataka State Pollution Board launched project ‘Crystal’ to treat e waste using state of art fac...

RT @ranganaathan: @centerofright: Kar Farmg Organic: Gr8 BJP

centerofright Indian Railways running on deficit track

ssudhirkumar @KetPan Suhasini Haidar of IBN just tweeted asking how can 8000 people with ratometers decide what is good and what is bad :D

KanchanGupta TV wants to know which homes have rating cards. Good. We want to know who were th 158 who presumed to speak for India. Will TV disclose (on IBN poll on UPA 2.0)

Dosabandit: Narendra Modi acing opinion poll on NDTV shows secular outrage against him a fabrication

ssudhirkumar NDTV poll is to "Rate the UPA". Not one question asking opinion about performance of UPA Chairperson!

sridharkswamy: @centerofright on UPA chairperson NDTV could have given two choice - Good and Best. Missed the oppurtunity ;-(

ssudhirkumar BDUTT dont you find it curious, that not a single poll tracked the "Youth brigade's" performance in the cabinet?

phmshetty: can we file a PIL agnst @ndtv poll 4 misleading ppl, spreading lies & more impfor not counting chidambaram as future PM

ssudhirkumar BDUTT anyways, coming back to the polll, why were there no questions about other ministries?

ssudhirkumarPrannoy Roy says, people were asked to choose between the current PM and their future Prime Minister. Yes he said it - "their future PM"

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tweets of the Week

varungrover -"Rahul & Bill bonded over Amethi’s broken windows & UP’s barely operating system" via

Against_Pseudos Rahul Gandhi gets the TRP, Nitish Kumar gets MoC to reduce IMR/MMR from Gates Foundation!

ssudhirkumar: Bill Gates himself said he has't made any promises in Amethi. He signs a deal with Bihar Govt. Media hypes Amethi story

radiosmaxi Swiss banks congratulate UPA on completion of one year. "We wish our biggest customers all the best in future cut motions", UBS said.

Suppandi: I wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence. There's a knob called "brightness", but it doesn't work!

radiosmaxi: Mossad is probing the existence of the Indian Prime Minister. "There have been strong rumors since 2009"

girirajpai: MMS hardly speaks for India these days. He represents Gandhis & US more than his country.

offstumped: This "Manmohan Singh is a decent man" cliche is now fast becoming a joke

vivakermani: MMS at his worst - pushing for the Nuclear civil liabilit - it violates Articles 21 and 48A of the Indian Consitution

centerofright More Dirt on Raja. And how swiss bank acct lead was buried. So much for Honest , Decent PM shri MMS. CBI comes underhim

centerofright MMS tells gilani in Thimpu that We Trust you, i hope he was speaking for himself and not the entire country

suhasinih Can't help bt wonder...r all the apologies a smokescreen?Why would 4 men known to have a direct line to 10Janpath&Tughlak Lane have taken on PC?

suhasinih: Jairam, Digvijay, Tharoor, Mani Aiyar. Dn't think just foot in mouth that they criticised HM's policy on Visas, China, Naxals

centerofright Govt wants the gas output of reliance KG Gas fields to be cut so that Imported stocks can be cleared. - #epicfail

acorn Indonesia's quiet success shows what Pakistan failed to do

tavleen_singh There has been some condemnation of the Khaps almost none of the fatwa against women working. Political correctness?

centerofright: How many english media channels covered swarnim gujarat. If not may we know why ? Ashamed of gujarat's success ?

Gujarat progress under Narendra Modi. Covers every area.

vinod_sharma Mahrashtra, Gujarat at 50: living examples of what a corrupt leadership and an incorruptible leader can do to a state

Vengdu: Gujarat hotspot for investors

NarendraModi to inagurate INDIA's FIRST GAS BASED ELECTRICITY GENERATION PLANT today @ Utran in Gujarat
centerofright Intersting take by the week on the real debates that happened in Parliament - MSM please wake up

KanchanGupta: Media is now Planters Raj. Anti-LKM campaign was run on spurious 'docs'provided by rivals & Dirty Tricks Dept of Cong Govt

KanchanGupta: Unsigned typed sheets of paper delivered in brown paper envelopes, followed by a phone call, become 'documents' for media!

Other News/Views
jemin_p @realAmitgadhvi Headlines Today exposed tht in exchange of money muthalik in consultation wid WAQF board can stage a riot for mileage

centerofright Kutch museum's virtual reality

naveenks Bhabha Atomic Research Centr finds anti-cancer molecule

jemin_p !! Commonwealth Games cost up 1575% since bid: NGO audit !! reason y kalmadi still wants to hold the post

vivakermani: Vidharbha s water crisis has crippled the power stations - generates 15% of its capacity

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