Sunday, April 26, 2009

Funny Campaign Advertisements

The defensive posture of the Congress is really amusing. It is trying to convince people with statements that even Congressmen cannot convince themselves with. The latest of these is 'Congress does not have a problem if Afzal is hanged'. Here we don't even have to ask why he hasn't been hanged till now. It is all so obvious. Then there is the Swiss bank accounts issue.
All I have seen this elections is that Congress has initially denied everything that BJP accused it of. But then it surrenders with lots of ifs and buts added. It has made a joke of itself. Our 'strong' PM acknowledges that there are links between terrorists across the border and Indian terrorists belonging to a particular community (read Muslims). So he devises a solution : community policing is the best thing to do. Ok, we accept this partly....but can the PM please tell us what if community policing fails or it does not happen? What is the role of the state?
The economy was fine and now the PM will revive it in 100 days if voted to power. What has he been doing all these months? He had much more than 100 days available to him.
Grow up Congress men....people of this country have much sharper intellect than you think they do. You are insulting them if you think otherwise. I get to watch some campaign advertisements of the Congress on TV and really...they are better than the best comedy shows on air. Some of them are:
1. Prices are falling - vote for Congress
2. Na main Hindu hoon, na Musalman, na Sikh, na Isai - main ek Bhartiya hun - Vote for Congress. This one definitely needs a big correction. It can be tweaked like this: main ek Bhartiya tha...par mujhe Musalman, Isai banaya Congress kya main Congress ko vote karoon?
3. Another ad is on the lines of the above ad. Here I would say - Party jo mile hue rangon ko alag kare ek hi hai - Congress . So don't vote for Congress.
4. This one is the funniest: Join/support Congress in fighting terrorism.

TOI-My God, I am so sick of this newspaper. Only voices that support the Congress or its allies and are against the BJP are covered by its reporters. As if the opinion of others doesn't matter. One thing I would definitely like to say to TOI - YOU ARE UNFIT TO RUN THE LEAD INDIA CONTEST. You are the least bothered about this country and its welfare. So stop this gimmick.
Another characteristic of Congressmen including Kapil Sabil I have noticed is that they don't have the basic etiquettes of debating. They never let the other person finish what he has to say. I know this is a sharp tool for fooling some people....but others can make out. So before you go out to debate..go back to school and learn the rules. You only spoil your already spoilt image.