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Questions posed by Dinesh Parikh (member of Swabhimaan) to the UPA
What replies do you have for so many terrorist attacks in your 5 years term? Kandhar is in Taliban ruled Afghanisthan, Ithink you are not that poor in Geography, so no fool will think of a military strike there, and at that time we had a SANE person as PM,unlike now.What Measures You have taken on Security level so that the incident like 26/11 does'nt happen again??Why is that the Blue Eyed Boy of Madam Sonia,M K Narayanan NSA advisor not been Sacked??I don't know how easy and early You have forgotten a Highly inefficient Home Minister from your party? He was so soft that if he would have still continued as a Minister, terrorist would have pleaded to him to become tough and show some action against them!!! Ya Madam, why is it that always he used to go for a Dress change before visiting a Terror attack Spot?? Madam, hyou ever seen the Inflation Graph, in your tenure? I don't think so! It went so high that watching it shooting up in the sky 90% the population had pain in the neck. What did "aam admi"(as you said) got out of Nuclear deal?? Do you remember Shri A. Raja of DMK from your Native State, then You must be remembering SPECTRUM too?? Do you have any Answers for Spectrum allocations??? You had earmarked a huge amount in crores for Farmers welfare then Why so many framers from Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh (both the state ruled by Congress)had to commit Suicide? Do you have any reply for this suicides? What exactly soniaji means by "AAM ADMI"? Are we the citizens don't have any self respect? In My Matru Bhoomi no one is AAM everyone are special in one way or other, even a poorest of a poor has self respect, so please call citizens as "Bharatiya Nagrik" which sounds more respectful than Aam Admi. Why in your full 5 years term, you have not hanged Afzal Guru even when the Supreme Court had passed its Verdict to hang him?
Why congressmen and Madam Sonia is Afraid of Varun Gandhi, you know pretty well that he is efficient and able than your own Partying Jack Rahul, who is not worth for even a Handful of Peanuts. See how well your Stooge Navin Chawla is showing his Loyalty toward's his Master's...When You have created so much Hue&cry for Varun's speech, what Action You have initiated against your minority cell National Chief Imran Kidwai for His HATE speech at Chandigarh,If Criminals are not allowed to contest elections then Varun has not yet been Charged for any offence,and as per Model code of conduct it should be more than 2yrs sentence.Madam what you have to say about your ally JMM chief Shibu Soren??Is he not a convict in murder charge for which he had resigned his portfolio as a Coal Minister then what made you to support him as a CM of Jharkhand??Do you think he is INNOCENT??JAI HO & BHARAT BULAND is not going to bring votes to your party.. "Khudi ko kar Buland itna, ke Khuda bhi Puche teri Raza Kya hai". Hum buland honge toh Bharat apne aap Buland Hojayega, Kisi ke Jai Ho kehne se nahi Hoyega.

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UPA Hall of Shame - The Puppeteer and her puppets

Sonia Gandhi : Her only interest is to save the Gaddi for her son. Let the country be damned, let the people be damned....but her son should be the PM. So she installs a number of puppets. But before telling about her puppets, let us look at the achievements of Rahul baba:
Sorry people, I tried hard but couldn't find any... In fact, I couldn't even find failures...You know why? Because he has never done anything.
Manmohan Singh: He may be good academically, and may be right for the position of Finance Minister, but as PM he just proved a chicken who can be frightened even by squeak of a squirrel. He just issued stupid statements over the Amarnath row and his govt didn't know what to do for full 2 months. Normally he knows nothing about what is happening in the country except economic and financial indicators. When he knows, he silently colludes with those who threaten the welfare of our democracy and nation. Although he came to the Parliament on a ticket from Assam, he has done nothing to solve the Assam problem.
Here are some reports of the jingoism of Manmohanomics and where it is taking us:

The middle class is reported to have rejoiced when the nuclear deal was passed. But did this middle class think about what we were surrendering? It was our nuclear deterrance, which assumes utmost importance when the UPA is making us loose the conventional war edge that we have over Pakistan. Earlier posts on this blog have highlighted how our defense and security has been neglected year after year by the UPA. The day is not far when even our sovereignty will be 'bhagwaan ke bharose'. The middle class seems to be satisfied with the reasoning given by the pro UPA media that in case of blockade or restrictions on fuel supply placed by the US, we can go to other countries of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. But the NSG countries ususally act in consultation with each other, and the most powerful of them is the US, the one that wanted all sorts of checks on us. Nuclear weapons are not simple weapons. The argument that 'we can start building/testing in face of a threat, and before imposing any restrictions on us, the NSG will examine the situation' does not hold much weight. All weapons need rigorous testing, which can take years. So should we start testing when the enemy is ready to strike? How logical is this? Our first priority should be security and second, energy. If we are prepared to switch these priorities, we should also be prepared to be annihilated. We have to fight our own wars. The US is interested in checking Pakistan today because its own citizens were killed in Mumbai, not because it loves India or the nuclear deal. None of the western countries were interested in checking jihadi elements when Kashmir was being cleansed of Kashmiri Pandits. They had their own interests to protect. In the backdrop of the threats to our national security and sovereignty, the cash for vote scam becomes all the more important. Yes, those who tried to buy votes for cash tried to sacrifice the interest of the. May they never rest in peace.
Repeatedly the Congress has given away the gains made by our security forces for either pleasing the US, the USSR or the UN. It did not take POK back even after we were victorious. Which problem has the UN resolved so far? Which war has it fought for India? NONE. It is a useless organization that can be bypassed anytime by anyone.
Union Telecom Minister A.Raja : TELECOM SCAM THAT PEOPLE ARE NOT AWARE OF. These are the charges on him : Just imagine the size of the scam : It is bigger than the Bofors, Harshad Mehta, Hawala, Ketan Parekh and Satyam scams PUT TOGETHER!!! And who is the direct perpetrator? Not stock broker, not a greedy chairman, not an arms dealer but the UPA’s Union Telecom Minister A Raja.It is huge case of Raja selling off the 2G spectrum cheaply to known parties without going in for auction thereby causing a loss to the exchequer of thousands of Crores!! And these parties who got the spectrum at dirt cheap prices are trying to pay him 60,000 crores through various indirect routes.You can get more on the scam here. Obviously he has denied these charges.
CEC Controversy : The UPA is all out to protect its man Navin Chawla. Read this to know more about him
Shivraj Patil :
The ex-Home Minister, who thought the only job of a minister is to take orders from Sonia Madam and Rahul baba. He is the one who is the cause of the Mumbai attacks, massive illegal infiltration from Bangladesh and blasts after blasts all across the country.
Centre told us to save Mulayam: CBI - This is what the UPA is all about. The UPA is an alliance that has no soul - an alliance of unethical goons that forced the CBI to sell its soul. Not only did the CBI withdrew the petition against Mulayam Singh, it is also responsible for Quattorocchi's escape in the Bofors case, flip-flop on corruption cases against Mayawati. It had also not challenged the acquittal of Laloo Prasad Yadav in the fodder scam.
Arjun Singh:
This HRD Minister is also not far behind in destroying our education system. Rushed to Jammia to side with Muslims and repeatedly asking for a probe in the Jammia encounter . This is an insult to Shri M.C Sharma. Drops proposal for modernising content of madrasa education for UPA's Muslim vote bank. Any madrasa educated person who has studied only Islamic subjects can get a CBSE equivalent certificate because of his 'generosity'. Started 8 new IITs in make-shift colleges!!
A.K Antony : This defense minister could not figure out how to use the Rs. 16000 crore allocated for defense. We did not have the equipments required to wage a war, so here is the reason why the country could not go to war with Pakistan.
Antulay: What to say about him? He has brought himself enough infamy already.
Mulayalam Singh: This SP member is being protected by the UPA for his party's support to it during the no-confidence motion.
Amar Singh: Another SP member who ridiculed martyr M.C Sharma for his vote bank politics.
Chidambaram: Doubts whether Modi has contacts with Pakistan for his remark on UPA's vote bank politics and refusing to even consider that local help could have been provided to 26/11 terrorists. Who is Chidambaram trying to fool????? Its the likes of Antulays who can have contacts with Pakistan, not a patriot like Modi. Chidambaram needs to go through this link definitely - (

Mahavir Prasad: This Union Minister has been booked in a murder case. The case was registered on the direction of the Allahabad High Court under section 120 B IPC (conspiracy) against the Union minister for micro, small and medium Industries in Gagha police station

This is how the Congress stays in power - a reminder of the emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi to save her political career:

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Questions you should ask the Congress/UPA :

Here is something about Congress men....I think that this a reasonable ground for banning the Congress
Just read an excellent article by Tarun Vijay :

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