Saturday, December 20, 2008

Antulay's and UPA's vote bank vs Bharat

Can we deny that politicians can even sell the country and kill all its citizens for their vote bank ? As always, the UPA 'leadership' does not know how to deal with Antulay. It wants to secure its Muslim vote bank when the country is in danger, when even the opposition parties have closed ranks. Here is a good read on what is actually behind Antulay's remarks. We need to kick out people like him and Arundhati out of our country. It will be much more safe. They are the traitors of Bharat. When intelligence reports from across the world have indicted Pakistan, Antulay is after the Sadhvis and their mentors. He sure is 'intelligent' and 'creative'. The UPA is now fearing Antulay and also some UPA politicians are even supporting him.

Another instance of appeasement :

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Conversions - Who was the real culprit?

There were some questions which I had to answer. The Saffron Brigade was singled out for the anti-Christian riots recently. I tried to find out the truth without bias. Though the acts of those indulging in this violence were highly condemnable, they cannot really be blamed for attacking Christians just because they were anti-Christian. After researching the facts I can only say that reading two or three lines of the newspaper is not enough to understand a problem in depth. Often there is more that remains hidden, at times deliberately covered. One needs to read in detail and from different sources. We also need to read without bias. Thanks to our biased media and politicians, names like the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal introduce lot of negative bias at the outset. How many of us know about the welfare and culture preservation projects they are involved in remotest of areas? I am sure not many know. I have only read negative reports about them, never a word of appreciation for the good work they do. I found out about this when I visited their websites. Yes, not all their acts can be justified, but let us atleast analyze on a case to case basis with an open mind. If we can devote more time to our society than we do now, the blame games would end and no one will be able to take us for a ride - whether it is the government at the center, the missionaries or the media.

Here is a presentation on Conversions and some videos. Shall upload the Hindi version later.
I request people to read the complete presentation and watch the videos before commenting on this post. There have been comments which have come only after reading a few lines ....if you really want to discuss, please read completely. Once again, I would say that we condemn violence. But there is something that you need to understand...riots do happen in charged situations...they happened after Godhra, they happened after Swamiji's assassination. Therefore, it is very important for all communities to realize that violent acts perpetrated even by a few members of any community can create problems for the whole community. Let no one indulge in such acts. The onus should not lie exlusively on the ones who retaliate.

Documents on conversions:
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Aryan Invasion Theory Proved False

Let us take a little break and go back to history. I remember reading some articles on the dating of Mahabharat and Ramayan according to astrology. The Ramayan period is said to have been dated to atleast 8000 B.C.E. I really wondered who were these Aryans who came from the area around Iran (the so-called cradle of civilization)? Why would they believe in Ramayan and Mahabharat if they came here with their own culture? How could horses have been used during that time if they were an import from the Arabs who invaded India thousands of years later? These videos have provided me the missing links.
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Here is another good video

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reactions to Mumbai fidayeen attacks

Read about various reactions to Mumbai terror attacks. A Muslim body refused to bury the terrorists. There were protests from other Muslims bodies and an appeal for subduing the celebration of Bakr-Id. Swabhimaan respects this spirit and hopes it will prevail even for home grown terrorists and not just for terrorists from across the border. It hopes that no more M.C Sharmas will be ridiculed and there will be no more rallies asking for probes.

Another reaction that added a silver lining to the dark clouds was the increase in enquiries by the young for joining the armed forces. This incidence seems to have woken up a sleeping nation and triggered a rise in national spirit. Hope that this spirit lasts forever.

Doubts are raised whether we mean being Muslims = Pakistani and only being Hindu = Bhartiya. Swabhimaan never said that. Swabhimaan believes that strengthening your Hindu character will also strengthen your nationalism. Does it mean that we are saying that other Bhartiyas are not or cannot be equal citizens? No.

About the divisions in Hindu society - it is a well known fact that there are divisions that are exploited to the detriment of the nation and of the society. So what should we do? Let this happen? We do not know in which direction this movement will go - could it also lead to some amount of social reform? May be. It could also lead us to educating voters about the value of a vote, to tell them not to sell their vote. These are open questions and it is too early to answer these.

Questions are being raised why some Muslims stayed back during partition risking their lives? Because Bharat was not declared a Hindu nation, it was a declared a secular nation. But down the line, if someone decides to stand with terrorists against M.C Sharma, that person whether a Hindu or a Muslim does not deserve to be called a Bhartiya. We would like to know when there are talks about having an alliance with Israel to deal with terrorism, why do Muslim bodies come in way? We have to fight the mind-set that prevents our nation from dealing with Jihadi terrorism. It is this mind-set we are fighting, not the Muslims.

We started with Hinduism and extended it to nationalism. We see both as one, they can never be separated. We did not start with nationalism and restricted it to Hinduism.