Friday, January 29, 2010

Tweets of the Week with an Appeal

Centre playing dangerous games with Kashmir and India’s security – Rising clamour for talks with Pak is nonsense.
Please send tweets to the idiotic channels and tell them that they are not the voice of India if you differ with them. Help expose 'Paid News'. Twitter does work. It worked for Kashmiri Pandits whose protests & plight were covered for the first time by ‘elite’ TV channels. Twitter ids are given below:
@shashitharoor @thenewshour - TimesNow
@virsanghvi @sagarikaghose
@pritishnandy @suhasinih
@ sardesairajdeep @bdutt -This when conditions are said to be improving in Kashmir.

Vikram_Sood But we forget that magnanimity is a function of victory; otherwise it is appeasement. Havent found US being magnanimous with Iran, or OBL.

centerofright and we want to talk to pakistan @KanchanGupta @BDUTT RT @kapskom: China to set up military bases in Pakistan:

KanchanGupta After shaming India at Sharm el-Sheikh, MMS and SSM now want to do a repeat performance!
KanchanGupta @centerofright 3 reasons: 1. So that Shiv Shankar Menon can help draft something as shameful as Sharm el-Sheikh jt statement. Contd...
KanchanGupta @centerofright 2. PM can please Americans and get a condescending pat from Obama.
KanchanGupta @centerofright 3. Shiv Shankar Menon can get a chance to prove that he is an excellent babu who does his master's bidding.

KanchanGupta @pragmatic_d You once wanted an example of command performance by channels. Here it is, this call for talks
KanchanGupta centerofright @venkatananth @BDUTT After committing another Sharm el-Sheikh, SSM can blame media pressure!
KanchanGupta @centerofright But I am sure @BDUTT has some more reasons to add, as have other bleeding hearts who feel Pakistan has been wronged by us.

pragmatic_d: 17/01 MSM's clamour for recommencing talks withPak does not stand to logic & is not grounded in reality.

ssudhirkumar And just now, IBN is showing @suhasinih speaking to 2 pakistan youth in a group of 8, and the headline runs "Voice of Pakistan".
ssudhirkumar Most of the answers were one liners. And most of them were laced with diffidence. He is placing the blame on us, and we are happy showing it

KanchanGupta It's a command performance. And one of these channels rants against 'paid news'!

centerofright RT @sardesairajdeep: pak pm to cnn ibn:we have suffered 101 mumbai-like attacks. forgets its pakis killing pakis, not cross border violence

@satyamevajayate: AmankiAsha Pak Pun assly -resoln stating India must b considred enemy until pendng issues resolvd

"Indian patriots should be more in number in our Kashmir. For this if we have to inhabit more of India lovers then we must."- Mohan Bhagwat

Need more evidence on Hafiz Saeed's 26/11 role: Gilani This is the #amankiasha we want. @bdutt @suhasinih

Kashmiri Pandits
Kashmiri Pandits lambast Congress Spokesperson’s statement;call him a ‘separatist spokesperson

DNA: Autonomy or self-rule have no place in J&K: BJP
Terrorism cause of Pandits' migration from Valley: Congress :

Mrityunjoykjha #temple opened in Valley: The highlight ,representatives of both communities (Pandits and Muslims) were present on the occasion.

Tweets from Kashmiri Pandits in Exile

Brave Kashmiri Aditya Raj Kaul who raised his protest against Yasin Malik in New Delhi:

Manish Tewari Ko Ragdah : Fir Kaheh Ka Jagdah ! Holocaust Of Kashmiri Hindus cant be justified nor denied ! Let Congress be Aware of it !

And Handoo Sahab Expired in Exile

Shreyash_ Questions unanswered for 20 yrs,

Return of Kashmiri Pandits to #Kashmir placed under Animal Husbandry Ministry

offstumped Fully agree with @kanchangupta conspiracy of silence on ethnic cleansing in Kashmir is shameful

sudhirksingh Lol! RT @ZoomIndianMedia: Commies celebrate India's R-Day J&K muslims celebrate India's republic day

Yasin Malik faces the music again TIMES NOW VIDEO LINK

Swabhimaan NDTV video on Kashmiri Pandits :
Swabhimaan while NDTV kept saying they just migrated Omar said they did so coz sense of security snatched. No sense of outrage or shock in NDTV's video

azadawazdotcom Supreme Court asks J&K to be Magnanimous for Kashmiri Pandits :

rob21fb Kashmiri Pandits Seek US Government Help: NewsBlaze The Government of India has not made an effort to rehabilitate...

dibyabttb aman ki asha is a slap on the face of those kasmiri pandits who r throwned out of thr homeland, courtesy pak sponsored radical islamism

Cartoon of the week
sudhirtailang - Republic Day and the Public?! CARTOON

Must Reads
Delhi_Alchemist 'Can't appease muslims alone'-Delhi High Court a slap on d faces of sickularists

centerofright Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker pitches for Islamic banks in India - did he ask in official capacity or ind capapcity?

centerofright Lobby wants India to allow Islamic financial institutions

Tarunvijay Why the Second Flag in our Republic is allowed?

A powerful piece from @kanchangupta "I feel nothing for Jyoti Basu"

National Security
ramanthink We have a right to know PM's mind on important subjects like Pakistan, China. He rarely speaks. Speaks more abroad
KanchanGupta My take on Mohammed Hamid Ansari's preposterous suggestion. Comments welcome.

Pakistan, Al Qaeda, Terrorism and all things bad
ssudhirkumar Ok, there is some conspiracy. It is NOT a coincidence that ALL channels suddenly want to talk to Pak! Why the urgency? Just why?

Swabhimaan Bestest point! RT @ramanthink Have we lost anything by not having conposite dialogue with Pakistan?

Mrityunjoykjha @ssudhirkumar Track2 was imp when Pak had army never worked with civilian it Ms Bhutto or Sharief..

rajesh219 Need more evidence on Hafiz Saeed's 26/11 role: Gilani This is the #amankiasha we want. @bdutt @suhasinih


Swabhimaan just read – a good one by pragmatic_d

Vikram_Sood RT subhadra_72 Nuclear-armed Pak risks slipping into radical hands: Miliband Radicalisation on for a long time.

Al Qaeda planning to dress up suicide bombers as Sikhs
philotweepic Now #Pak wants 'moderate #Taliban' in Afghan Govt. It is like preferring 3 quarter death, to full death.

Ashok Malik on IPL : IPL has added to MEA options opportunity blown away coz of arm-twisting by idiotic media and super idiotic PMO)
vinod_sharma:Media &'experts' have reduced a nation of a billion into seeing itself as no more than Pak's rich twin&US's poor cousin
visaraj @sardesairajdeep IPL is not Indo-Pak League.

Remembering Our Heroes
ssudhirkumar RT @centerofright: Netaji's aide Trilok Singh Chawla waits to hand over 'legacy' to India -
centerofright RT @proaudience: There is a 109 year old INA veteran living in Ahmedabad.

On Mainstream Media
rajesh219 No mention of Netaji Bose by our mdia is obvious. But his crime was dat he humbld d mighty MK Gandhi in his own den. @sagarikaghose @bdutt

offstumped At 60 proud to be labelled Internet Hindus: @SagarikaGhose @VirSanghvi

@prasannavishy: @virsanghvi Fitting riposte to your vicious campaign of calumny

offstumped More on the arrest of pastor in Humnabad church vandalism incident

InternetHindus We kno conventonal terorists n cyber terorists. Paki using Mdia terorists. They have an activ cel operating here @bhaskarchat @sagarikaghose

centerofright Read the entire article and tell me why nitish Kumar was not on headline

InternetHindus Pakis India ate hai aur marke jate hai. N our jihadi mdia says 2 dem 'u have a relevant point'. Nishan-e-Pakistan 2 dem

Sudhirtailang But why blame just Pawar for the price-rise mess-- the whole UPA Govt is to blame--and yes, the PM and the cong president shudn't b spared.

centerofright ‘Inflation to exceed 9%' - aam aadmi ke sar pe bhasmasur ka haath

DNA: COLUMN> Price rise in rural India alarming

centerofright BJP to 'gherao' Parliament over price rise: Javadekar

offstumped_in Gujarat is no. 1 in attracting investments in 2009 – ASSOCHAM

jnsbmi Planned & systematic progress of Gujarat under #BJP : Boost for Gujarat's industrial activity #win

jnsbmi As always Gujarat is ahead of rest of the country:'O energy' concept for Ahmedabad and Surat

Mrityunjoykjha: After making voting compulsory, Guj mulls online polling

centerofright RBI projects Zero growth in farm sector- isn't this one reason to close the agri ministry?

S_Sivakumar A Primer on #BtBrinjal released by MoEF

Vikram_Sood VIKRAM SOOD'S PERSPECTIVES...: Staring at the plate GM food

AcademicHelp Hats off to J.Ramesh 4 standing up to the unabashed corruption of Mr Shady Power aka Sharad Pawar who is on d payroll of God knows how many!

AcademicHelp Sharad Pawar, the corruptest Food minister ever is dying of cancer & seems hell bent to kill as many either thru starvation or polluted food

proaudience Three cheers for ISRO! One of the rare silent contributors to this nation, apart from the Indian armed forces.

centerofright Send girls to school, or pay fine

centerofright Community policing improves education in Jharkhand's Maoist-hit village

hermanprit: @centerofright Nabodisha the Kolkata police community policing project aimed at schooling slum and homeless children is 8th

centerofright Madhya Pradesh CM distributes houses among Tsunami victims in Nagapattinam

centerofright Herbal medicine makes Uttarakhand rural women self-reliant - a very positive step indeed

pragmatic_d The problem is that Antony only acts on issues related to corruption, not on grave matters of national security

centerofright 3 crores in 2 months for Rajiv Gandhi ads

ssudhirkumar Obama planning his visit in sumer so that cong. is in recess&no domestic issues will be discussed. .Contrast that to our PM

jnsbmi MoS for Rlys justifies train accidents #epicfail Havent they increased three folds since 2004?

centerofright Salwa Judum-style militia in West Bengal

centerofright Joginder singh writing in pioneer abt why the compulsory voting bill of guj needs to be given a chance

Retributions The idea that if someone had a less fancy car it would automatically translate into food for poor is extremely dangerous.

centerofright Inept allies bog down UPA govt- chalo ji 2014 elections blame allies and ask for full mandate for rahul g

barbarindian RealityCheck ponders about how doling out mercy pleas are becoming a political tool:

ZoomIndianMedia Islamic coercion works n India. ayaan hirsi ali name was not there in official JLF list.

pragmatic_d Take a bow. @NadeemfParacha ROCKS. Dawn must be complimented for publishing his columns.

prasannavishy And dont forget to read Ayaan Arsi Ali's brilliant autobio Infidel

prasannavishy Closet Islamist masquerading as liberal Javed Akhtar bares his fangs .Get life dude &shed yout Ummah Loyalty

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Tweets of the Week

Comrade Jyoti Basu ko Shraddhanjali

acorn: If decency says you don't speak ill of the dead, honesty says you don't eulogise them merely because they died.

Delhi_Alchemist 'The country mourns the death of a patriot'-MMS What a joke! - this patriot was under house arrest in 62 war with China

NishkaK Jyoti Basu betrayed India against China - CIA declassified documents

ZoomIndianMedia RT @Bhaskarchat @swapan55 Jyoti Basu voted for whole bengal to go with Pakistan when vote was taken in Bengal constituent assembly in 1947!

A powerful piece from @
kanchangupta "I feel nothing for Jyoti Basu"

offstumped RT @swapan55 Jyoti B's achievements far exceeded vision & performance. stellar role in WB's marginalisation. History will judge him unkindly

indiamahesh It was by turning illegal immigrants from BANGLADESH into 'CITIZENS' that COMMUNIST managed to rule the state for so long.

Cartoon of the week
sudhirtailang - UPA Junior Ministers hv plenty of work! CARTOON TODAY .

ssudhirkumar 38 of 78 ministers in UPA 2.0 have no work. Another 15-20 dont work at all. Why is my money being wasted then?

centerofright Why can't the out of work ministers be given employment under NREGA? Food for thought

centerofright RT @anucoonoor: Probably like the IT industry the juniors are "bench resources" in the government...time for a layoff in the parliament? :-)

Must Reads

Deportation of a nation
Tarunvijay My piece on Kashmiri Hindus' exile.

centerofright @offstumped: Manmohan Sonia lead UPA's unapologetic Communal Socialism all Muslims will be considered BPL

philotweepic @centerofright Muslims will be called minorities & automatically treated as BPL; Kasabs Dawoods RahulBhatts Madanis Azmis Akhtars all BPL :

centerofright VOTES VOTES RT @PrabhuChawla: As countdown for Kerala electn begins UPA comes fwrd to save CPM brainchild Islamic Banking concept of Kerala.

Worshipping False Gods

barbarindian UN is now all goofy about Haiti, won't talk about their eco-terrorism on Haiti which reduced Haitians to eating mud pies

offstumped Now Rahul Gandhi wants his "looks" to be a measure of his "morality" and "values" how stereotypical of Nehru-Gandhis

On Mainstream Media

Twitter Mob Rules People Power
ZoomIndianMedia RT @swapan55

ssudhirkumar Excellent piece by Mrinal Pande "Who moved my news" Must read.

pragmatic_d In the name of simplifying, the tendency of media to dumb down a story & sensationalise it to force govt's hand on policy issues is damaging

ZoomIndianMedia Kudos to Lalit Modi for bypassing India's corrupt/cronyist rogue media and delivering IPL matches online

manunsharma do not worry about this snub to Pak as "Non State Actors/Actresses" in India did it!!!

sudhirksingh Lol! RT @harikatha: 3 idiots spoofs the system which made sagarikas n sardesais. Quite natural for them to feel insecure. :) @PritishNandy

KVSarmaJ Will atleast now the MSM stop denying the obvious - local hand in 26/11 ?

centerofright Why is the MSM not covering this Cong rebels in Goa as they covered BJP rebels in karnataka, Selective News


acorn UPA govt again fails on responsible management of nuclear chain of command: NSA position can't be left vacant at any time

pragmatic_d Bravo! Nirupama Rao to Karan Thapar on those asking for talks with Pak: Dialogue does not flow from the barrel of the gun

offstumped How UPA played politics with sugar prices shameless and cynical

jnsbmi Govt played havoc with higher education: BJP #correct

acorn This is cool: File an RTI application online for Rs 125 at (LT @DeepaPrabhu)

centerofright After Blasting schools these #naxals killing students :(

centerofright RT @proaudience: A novice Gujarat takes advantage of the IT slump elsewhere.

centerofright Villagers build a tourist resort in Gujarat

Chellaney Good one. @acorn When Beijing said "peaceful rise" they meant for others to be peaceful while they rise. They are misunderstood, the Chinese

sbmi China moving with "specific design" to control Indus in Leh
offstumped How do you like this - coup in britian could bring sharia

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tweets of the Week

Must Watch
HaindavaKeralam Ethnic Cleansing of Hindu Pandits in Kashmir - Video:
Kashmiri Pandits have been living in exile for 2 decades.

Goof-up of the week
centerofright :D RT @greatbong: Evidently Mid-Day thinks that Bipasa 'Basu' is the ailing communist patriarch.

Must Reads
centerofright RT: @SudhirKudva Urban housing for poor - "Gujarat, believe it or not, managed a whopping 565 per cent of its target"

vivakermani Why industries love Gujarat - Zero man days lost says #Modi .

mudittuli Am I dreaming ? a city in India got Sustainable Transport Award ! :o Gujarat makes India proud

offstumped Karnataka flood rehabilitation by Sangh RT @Sewabharti

offstumped There is a link between NREGS spending and rising food prices

RAJAGOPALAN1951 Role of PV Narasimha Rao? His Secretary described Ayodhya

offstumped RT @tunkuv France owes Haiti reparations #Haiti

Worshipping False Gods
centerofright RT @vinod_sharma: Shivraj Patil, MKNarayanan being rewarded for loyalty to Cong High Command;no punishment for failing nation as HM and NSA.

visaraj @sudhirksingh VP.Malik was far better than Kapoor.. Atleast he inspired people, People will run away by hearing this man's voice.
sudhirksingh The army chief has promised 2 act against the Sukna land scamsters. Let him begin by first proving his own innocence. @sagarikaghose @rwac48

jnsbmi After Teesta, Medha Patkar one more egg on NGO's face : HC fines NGO Rs 40L for frivolous PIL #Bravo

prasannavishy "Taking a cue from the Nobel it is almost pre-ordained that every second award will be to Rahul" @swapan55 rocks

centerofright RT @swapan55: Nehru was full of moralising humbug. Good that Tharoor acknowledged it. Most Indians do. His expedient retraction makes no dif

On Mainstream Media
offstumped China india's Delhi based media seem made for each other in shared belief on "proactively" creating what they think is "mainstream" opinion

sudhirtailang one question-- why were the camera crews just shooting this dying policeman ? they are not ministers-- they cud hv rushed him to a hospital.

ZoomIndianMedia @swamy39 Indian Media discovers Brother Paul Alan after the horse has bolted (continues to censor church involvement)

pragmatic_d Those lighting candles at Wagah border should instead set alight books such as The Illustrated History of Islam by Abdul Rauf.

offstumped Concerted attacks on @ShashiTharoor are pre-emptive strikes at deterring other politicians from getting candid direct bypassing media elite
offstumped In a way Delhi based media elite's beef with @ShashiTharoor is understandable he is cutting out them the middlemen from brokering news
offstumped Now Indian Express lectures @ShashiTharoor

jnsbmi 'Sagir comm had no power to recommend autonomy to J&K'

centerofright So fricking irony that Kashmiri pundits cannot protest where Yasin mallik is speaking

centerofright Congress criticises Government on price rise- now congress is different UPA is different. Joke is on all of us

centerofright One million tonnes - amount of raw sugar lying in kandla and mundra ports. Reason some folks wanted to fix mayawati. Ftw

offstumped Who needs NREGA and its attendant dependence on Government when Private Enterprise can flourish in Rural India with initiatives like these
offstumped Triumph of Minimum Government Maximum Governance in Gujarat that story on Rural design school makes no mention of Government
offstumped Spurring Rural self confidence and creativity in Gujarat

jnsbmi Education Ministry fails to implement Sibal’s revamp plan

malviyamit Nuclear Energy was the flavour of UPA1. Solar Energy seems to be flavour of UPA2. What about closure and delivery ?

Chellaney Minister Anthony again cites "differing perceptions" to excuse China-border actions. How come China has never proffered this justification?

centerofright RTI activist Satish Shetty killed near Pune

centerofright Price rise blame states telangana blame opposition. Scams blame allies. Central probs oppn. So what is cong doing in center? Playing marbles

centerofright @Mrityunjoykjha Thanks sir atleast they blamed states instead of china pakistan global warming and yesterday's earthquake in Haiti

pragmatic_d Sad & disturbing that Orissa, Jharkhand & Bengal are still not part of centre's Anti-Maoist security drive.

i_panchajanya RT @sumitkal RT @svtman: @BDUTT @sardesairajdeep @KanchanGupta would Govt take back Padma award from Teesta as she has FIR against her

centerofright Vivky nanjappa writing SIMI,IM to shut shop this year as LEJ, HUM & ALqaeda forming a new op base in South India

jnsbmi Bravo Congress & UPA : Costly healthcare pushes 39millions into poverty

centerofright @sardesairajdeep Hypothetical question. If there is a major fire in ur cnn-ibn office would u try to stop the fire or telecast it live?

sumitkal SO what is the worth of "soft-power" to an Indian, when all Ind govt & elite has nothing but excuses to not act.

centerofright PMs plan for NRI Voting is only half hearted, no postal ballots, no online voting, come to ur consti and vote

HaindavaKeralam Save Malaysians of Indian origin - HINDRAF

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tweets of the Week

Great job done by Swamy - Kerala tax-payers saved
ZoomIndianMedia sickulars upset. High Course says NO to Islamic banking
philotweepic How #Kerala (Commies)could have come up with the mountainous idea of establishing a Muslim-Bank? Would they deal only in muslim-money?

Cartoon of the week
sudhirtailang - Very intelligent Maharashtra govt argument!

Jingle of the Week
rajesh219 UPA ka saath, aam admi ke jeb me haath. Sarkar ka jalva, lage chini bhi kadva
S_Sivakumar Proven again. Indian Sugar prices are Pawar-sensitive!

Must Reads
jnsbmi Must Read : Secret of Gujarat's Agrarian Miracle after 2000 #NaMo #Gujarat # India

Subterfuge as UPA Policy

centerofright RT @offstumped: Tavleen Singh rips the facade of Delhi based Media elite's worship of Rahul Baba with this tutorial

Worshipping False Gods
sudhirtailang An ocaznal Ruchika case is for media --what a Seth with ill gotten wealth does be donating blankets to the poor? To absolve itself of guilt?

ZoomIndianMedia NativesC thru overground faces of Red terror RT @jnsbmi: Dantewada tribals pelt Medha Patkar with rotten eggs, Tomatoes

jnsbmi LOLOL......Operation Cover Up begins : Sonia against billboard plan? I AM SURE THIS WILL MADAMJIS BALIDAAN :)
Yahoo! Cong ki chori pakdi gayi ! RT
jnsbmi BJP objects to Sonia's picture on NHAI billboards

centerofright Looking at the way PC is taking the blame, it is more like a chess game protect the King & queen at all costs @deshabhakta @Mrityunjoykjha

centerofright Digvijay Singh says complusory voting is Autocracy. Ruled by one political family is called Monarchy sir

pragmatic_d Who was the J&K Congress chief during the 'rigged' state elections of 1980s for which Abdullahs take all the flak? Mufti Mohammad Syed.
pragmatic_d The lengths Muftis will go to avoid criticising jehadis and blame Indian establishment. Only saving grace that they participate in polls.

jnsbmi NSA is on the protected list of SG, hv you frgttn wht hppnd after 26/11, PM sacked him, he was back @ssudhirkumar @sumitkal @centerofright

centerofright RT @rajesh219: Shimla-Chandigarh Diocese backs Sacred Heart expulsion of Ruchika.
Retributions My response to @virsanghvi latest. on PVNR.

jnsbmi Bandra is where Sunil Dutt & now Priya Dutt are MP's : 40 Bandra buildings funded with underworld money: PIL
Courts and Justice ???

i_panchajanya Sister Abhaya case shocking to know the both High & supreme court Hounding the activists who led a relentless campaign against church
i_panchajanya Read these RT @NishkaK: @i_panchajanya Antonia Mainos religion has to be protected at all costs

harikatha Shariah in action. Can we demand justice for Anita Roy?? @sagarikaghose @sardesairajdeep @nidhindtv

rameshsrivats Yet another book banned. We have thought police, moral police, culture police; every kind of police except police police.

On Mainstream Media
BJPSupporter #RTE was first introduced by the BJP led NDA govt way back in 2002 and now everyone calls it a landmark bill

i_panchajanya @barbarindian this might be the real reason for TOI's sudden love for Pakistan
centerofright Brilliant take on the Times of Jung #amankiasha must read and pls RT RT @greatbong: Bhai Bhai

ped Hold breath - Manmohan Singh UPA govt allowed 110 Terrorists into India between Jan and Nov 2009 and we are hearing now ?

pragmatic_d Why is this government write-off to politician-owned distilleries in Maharashtra not headline news? Any answers.

centerofright Has our country become a nation surviving on rumors and mobocracy. I want immediate setting up of ombudsman for media to complain

jnsbmi @visaraj ..U knw like @sardesairajdeep said on the Nat Geo documentary, we were not told to stop live feed - common sense be damned

rajesh219 @ssudhirkumar Krishna wil soon blame mdia 4 hyping d Racial atacks in Aus. Remembr mdia was blamd in Chinese incursion isue @mrityunjoykjha

jaideepsk Nitesh Rane, Congress goonda & Narayan Rane's son threatens filmmaker will @bdutt & @sardesairajdeep report it

sumitkal It seems bright CNN-IBN journalist asked the CRPF DIG in Srinagar "Can you tell us your plan of action?" against the two terrorists holed upphilotweepic @sumitkal Now they will reach to the #terrorists & ask what do you feel after hearing the plans of security force? CNN_IBN

jnsbmi Gadkari hails FMs of BJP-ruled States ------->No Congress ruled state appears in the top 5<------------

Nilesh_Kamani J Ramesh will destroy all forest land
rajesh219 In Mah's 3 tiger reservs the population of tiger wich was estimatd at 250 has been revisd 2 100 only. Thx jairam Ramesh, d credit is all urs

offstumped The Maoist Terrorist argument against small states is untenable when "Big States" cut deals with Maoists gave them safe havens

offstumped Let Manmohan Chidambaram demonstrate their political will by getting Bengal to act on Maoist Terror before raising bogey elsewhere

vivakermani India on verge of farm disaster: Swaminathan:

centerofright Bhar Road sector projects rated high :)

Retributions Such insane prices are not a matter of pride but a function of how royally we have screwed up with land control.

jnsbmi Most of infrastructure projects go slow

centerofright 100 people killed in the past 3 months due to #naxal violence in Lalgarh. PC sir can you wake up please?

Tarunvijay In Srinagar, Kashmir. I remembered Pakistan where Hindu women do not display Bindi out of fear.

Tarunvijay Indian Muslims demand Kashmiri Hindus return to Valley

jnsbmi Citizens speak up for Baha'is in Iran

offstumped Islamic Christianophobia

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