Friday, April 9, 2010

Tweets of the Week


sudhirtailang: - Govt busy enacting ACTS. Cartoon.


centerofright - when states ask for funds for RTE - Sibal says they are not interested in education. good

DeshGujarat: Modi appointed Chairman of Group on Consumer Affairs

thinkerspad Great display of vision by @narendramodi in the Food Security meeting. Asks govt to include pulse and sugar in addition to rice & wheat.

pragmatic_d: Hats off to the UP govt for going to this extent to ensure transparency in police recruitment.

tavleens We have failed to win the war against poverty because we have drawn a poverty line of Rs 300 a month for rural India.

tavleens So we have children who do not officially die of hunger but starve slowly to death on one meal a day.

tavleens If they survive to become adults they become Naxal fodder. And, our leaders talk about the right to food. Haha!

thinkerspad @sagarikaghose Food Security Bill should have looked at better agricultural planning and production targets and not cheap food for poor.

offstumped India embarassed and clueless heads must roll for this where will the buck stop on this one Mr. Home Minister ?

centerofright Women police stations to be set up in 29 dists of UP

visaraj Pune BJP Girish Bapat receives the 'Efficient MLA' award in Nashik

malviyamit: Those who opine that BJP is losing support in urban India should reflect on the win in Bangalore Municipal Elections.

centerofright THIS IS HUGEEEEEEE - BJP were expectng 95-100 RT
@ZoomIndianMedia: Leads+win : BJP-109 ; Cong-66; JDS-17; others-10 #bbmp HT@thatskannada

pragmatic_d: All those who seek aerial strafing of Maoist-infested areas must remember Aizawl, 5th March 1966.

offstumped: BREAKING NEWS - NREGA funds sustaining Maoist Terrorism

visaraj @Swabhimaan Greyhounds surrounded the top Maoist commanders; YSR intervened and allowed Kishen and goons to escape.

centerofright @visaraj @Swabhimaan The truth is slightly diff, there was a call placed to HM of India, they were allowed to go on left intervention

RAJAGOPALAN1951 Governor ESL Narasimhan wrote 8 letters to PM on Chhatisgarh Naxal issues. Can UPA2 make them public? Under RTI it is not available.

ramanthink: Use of Air Power Against Maoists

centerofright This is an article that every Main Stream media must ask and hence giving this link again

theprudent 24x7 channels created nuisance when SIT requested Modi to appear but are conspicuously silent on Kamal Nath's 1984 role

pawandurani @PrabhuChawla you spend a complete weeks air time for stupid Shoaib Sania marraige..U have used 2 hours airtime for 7 lac homeless pandits

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