Friday, June 18, 2010

Tweets of the Week

sudhirtailang VUVUZELA CARTOON! Pooooooooooooooooooooooon!

KiranKS @visaraj In #chess, u tend to sacrifice soldiers first. #Congress sacrifices past-expiry soldiers like #Arjun when #Queen's under threat

KanchanGupta Should taxpayers compensate for Union Carbide's crimes? Are we a banana republic? Why should we the people subsidise Carbide?

KanchanGupta Congress / effete PM now scheming to 'compensate' Carbide's victims with Indian taxpayers money. Totally appalling. What say @BDUTT ?

i_panchajanya US wants India to sign Nuclear liability bill to cap financial liability to 500Mn but gets BP to pay 20Bn for Oil Spill.

centerofright Looks like @sardesairajdeep is going after rajivG's link to anderson than @BDUTT

centerofright If cong/rajivG knew it was PVNR was guilty why was he No.2 in rajivG's cabinet &why he allwd to b PM,r cong's brains in the knees #faillogic

Mrityunjoykjha @centerofright remember "godfather"..first make ppl miserable,create crisis and then provide aids.

centerofright So rajivG got the bharatratna for being the proxy of PVNR as PM :D

7MoJo At least one +ve outcome of #Bhopal Tragedy: Govt. backtracks 'dilution of N-liability bill'. Says its a MISTAKE #FB

centerofright @BDUTT change in track frm anderson to compensation due to the trial leading to uncomfortabally to rajivG? why can't both?

offstumped Full story of Anderson bail and departure from December 1987 Palm Beach Post details of MEA interaction with US embassy

BJP spokesperson Nirmala said on HeadlinesToday that BJP had returned the cheque from Dow chemicals & they have documentary evidence #bhopal

DrYumYumSingh Insightful by @pbmehta "The Buck Doesn't Know Whr 2 Stop" sums up the situation better. Neither she nor I know

ssudhirkumar Must read. How AP played down figures of farmer's suicides!

ssudhirkumar Manipur siege lifted, but little relief for Manipur ! ... read for clarity

bharkadatta Funny #Fact: #Indian politicians couldn't do anything about #Manipur blockade, but were among the first to condemn #Gaza blockade by #Israel

Daps1312 : will Media highlight the KP issues on World Refugee day as it does evr yr 4 Gujarat Riots n Babri? @bdutt @sardesairajdeep @sagarikaghose

ProjectDharma: What abt Hyd, Bareilly, Miraj riots in 09-10'. Wrong religion? RT @sagarikaghose if thr ws electr media in 84' riots & Bhopal

i_panchajanya Madani part of Bangalore blast plot but INC & CPM passed unanimous resolution to release him frm jail

centerofright Madani's 'terror links' return

ssudhirkumar PC emphatically said Pune case cracked/solved. Blast accused get bail.

Mrityunjoykjha US WARNINGS of al- Qaeda militants sneaking into India seem to have come true.

KanchanGupta: would @Arundhati_Roy deny that she and Pradeep Kishan built a bungalow on the illegally 'purchased' notified forest land?

KanchanGupta: Arundhati_Roy Do your Maobadi pals know you grabbed forest land in so brazen an illegal manner? Just asking.

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